About CQ

I get the question a lot - "What does CQ stand for?" 

It stands for a lot of things. CQ started as "Clearly Quirky" meant to embrace the unique style of therapy provided and honor the unique, amazing, individuality of each client.

The meaning has grown and taken on layers through input from clients, colleagues, family, and friends who often come up with their own meanings. One meaning in particular landed right in the heart of CQ: The short code for Amatuer Ham Radio.

"CQ" was a call originally used in the UK for landline and radio communications. The abbreviation grew from the French word "sécurité" meaning "safety" or "pay attention" which spoken in English sounds like the letters C Q. Over the years, as most language does, "CQ" has shifted and grown in meaning and often today is used to ask "who is there to listen? I am seeking you." (Citation)

My dad, whom I lost when I was young, was a radio operator in Vietnam and later a HAM Radio hobbyist at home. He was also the epitome of gracious, loving, support and my inspiration in becoming a therapist. He was always there to listen, and I aspire to be the same.