Ginger Michel, MA, LMHC, CMHS

Ginger Michel

MA, LMHC, CMHS, Approved Supervisor



Meet Ginger

Ginger Michel earned her MA in Licensed Mental Health Counseling through Antioch University of Seattle and for years, clients – both individuals and families – have honored her with their trust and confidence to help them recover from trauma, anxiety, depression, and behavioral difficulties at home and school. 

She has worked with adults and children (5+) who have feelings and/or behaviors that interfere with healthy daily functioning and have helped them get on the path they want to be on.

Ginger has developed a reputation with her colleagues for being kind, enthusiastic, supportive, and direct with her clients believing fully that honesty and love are the best healers.

Aside from her passion for therapeutic work with the community, she is a Breast Cancer survivor, has been working with dogs for over a decade, and enjoys painting, playing ukulele, gaming, and travel.

In the past, Ginger has volunteered with homeless teens and older adults and has since worked therapeutically with teens, children, and adult clients including refugee families, adult survivors of trauma, those recovering from addiction, and teens transitioning from disciplinary youth centers back into the community. She has worked with people experiencing significant depression and anxiety with a special interest in treating trauma and depression with a person-centered, empathic, Existential approach.